Carpet Wool or Man made ?

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When you enter a carpet shop to buy a carpet for your home or office, you can expect the carpets to be divided in two broad categories; those made with natural wool and the others being man-made carpets.

Wool Carpets

Wool carpet are woven and made with natural fibers while synthetic or man-made carpet, generally are made of polypropylene or nylon. Quality wool carpets are more durable and can last for as long as 25 years or more while synthetic carpets can be expected to have a life of 3 to 25 years depending on the material and quality used.

Wool carpets are fire resistant and naturally stain resistant and many specific brands incorporate moth resistance in the manufacture process. 80% wool and 20% man- made is generally the most durable and would be advisedWool Carpet for heavy traffic areas at a weight of 40oz or above.


Most carpet, wool or man-made come in various weights, 30oz, 40oz and 60oz, although to see and experience the difference, you’d have to visit your local carpet shop – J A Flooring if you are in Northampton.

Wool carpets generally look and feel much more luxurious than man-made carpets. Carpet with a nylon base can be equally durable and soft but over time with normal wear and tear can flatten and matt together, looking worn out long before the carpet is at the end of it’s life.  A lot of time and effort goes in creating a single piece of wool carpet and as a result can be very expensive but last a lot longer in comparison to an equal weight polypropylene cut.

For a traditionalist, wool carpet is the only way to go. Some homes will most definitely benefit from the natural textures of a wool range and it’s up to you to decide. Wool carpets are an investment, fitted correctly these will last a long time, be easy to keep clean and look good for longer than most man made carpets. Wool carpets (80%/20%) start at £13m2 and up

Man Made Carpets

Synthetic carpets are made using man-made or artificially created fibres in the lab such as polypropylene which is also known as olefin. These synthetic fibres have some difference in texture and colour but it can be difficult to spot the same by an untrained eye. These fibres are then woven using machines and made into finished carpets. AmoMan made carpetngst the various man-made carpets, those made from nylon or its derivatives are the most durable.


There have been some innovations in synthetic fibres recently with the introduction of carpets like the iSense range made from polyamide or nylon. These carpets may come with a guarantee of as long as 20 years and are beautiful, soft and luxurious. In spite of being super soft, the iSense range of carpets retain their feel and appearance much better than those made by polypropylene fibres.
Another innovation in carpets is the Invictus range of carpets. These carpets have a wonderfully rich and elegant texture and feel with an opulent body which is created using the latest generation of olefin dyed yarns. These yarns come in stunning colours and also have good durability and stain resistance.

With the new influx of luxury man made ranges like Invictus, Cormar’s Sensations & Isense, style and luxury take priority. With stunning looks and a soft comfortable feel, man made fibres have found a home.

Many styles, updated colours and that soft luxurious feel mean that your flooring doesn’t have to be boring. With much better dyeing techniques the colour pallets available will suit any home decor as well as compliment your style. Stripes, loops, flecks and twists we have them all on display in our showroom at J A Flooring. Man made carpets start at around £6m2 and up.



Carpet Retail – Made In England

Supplying Quality Carpets

Having a great business starts with supplying quality, so one of the first ranges we had to get in our new showroom was Cormar. We’ve been buying carpets of all colours, designs, Man-made, wool and wool blends, from Cormar for the last ten years and couldn’t be happier with the quality and range.

At J A Flooring (your local carpet shop) we want to know that our customers are getting the service and products they deserve. Having a supplier that makes products in England, with a depot in Northampton gives us confidence and peace of mind that we can in turn pass on to our customers. To us this means: Short lead times. Excellent quality control. Prompt service. Quick solutions to any problems that can arise.  Confidence and peace of mind for our customers !

Cormar offer a great combination of quality, choice and value for money besides being made in the UK.



Supplying quality British carpet
British carpet suppliers

60 years of supplying quality carpet

The Company, one of the success stories of the British carpet industry. Established in the North of England in 1956 and today ranks as one of the leading British carpet manufacturers in the UK.

Throughout the last 60 years it has placed great emphasis on quality, service and reliability and continues to invest in order to maintain and improve standards. In fact, it has won over thirty carpet and flooring industry awards, including being voted Best Carpet Manufacturer 2013 by readers of Interiors Monthly.

Made in England

While most carpet sold in Britain today is imported from the continent, Cormar continues to manufacture carpet at its two mills in Lancashire. Working with other suppliers and partners to source quality raw materials and leading trade organisation.

Privately owned family business

Remaining as one of the few privately owned family carpet companies. Cormar’s primary aim is to manufacture quality carpets and provide a first class service to all its customers. Success is based on continuous improvement in machinery and systems as well as training and investment in its loyal staff.

We are part of the local economy

Most of our carpets at J A Flooring (Carpet shop in Northampton) are Made in the UK, using British material. We think it’s extremely important to promote and support British manufacturers besides all other benefits.

(Short lead times. Excellent quality control. Prompt service. Quick solutions to any problems that can arise.  Confidence and peace of mind for our customers !)


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