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How to Choose the Right Carpet for Your Home

Are you planning to install a new carpet in your home? With so many options available, it can be challenging to make the right choice. In this post, we’ll share some tips on how to choose the right carpet for your home.

How to choose the Right Carpet for your home
Image of different carpet samples
Find the Right Carpet for Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Choose the Right Carpet for Your Home

Choosing the right carpet for your home can be overwhelming, with so many options available in terms of color, texture, and style. However, with a little bit of knowledge and planning, you can find the perfect carpet that will meet your family’s needs and fit your lifestyle. In this article, we’ll cover the key factors to consider when selecting a carpet for your home, from fiber types to pile styles.

  1. Determine Your Budget

The first step in choosing a carpet is to determine your budget. Carpets come in a wide range of prices, and the cost will depend on factors such as the fiber type, pile style, and thickness. Keep in mind that while you may be able to save money upfront by choosing a lower-quality carpet, you may end up spending more in the long run due to increased wear and tear.

  1. Decide on Fiber Type

The fiber type is another important factor to consider when selecting a carpet. Synthetic fibers, such as nylon and polyester, are affordable and durable, making them a popular choice for high-traffic areas. Natural fibers, such as wool and sisal, are more expensive but offer a luxurious look and feel.

  1. Consider Pile Style

The pile style refers to the way the carpet fibers are woven or tufted. There are several options to choose from, including cut pile, loop pile, and combination pile. Cut pile carpets have individual strands that are cut at the top, creating a soft and plush feel. Loop pile carpets have loops of fibers that are uncut, creating a more textured and durable carpet. Combination pile carpets have both cut and looped fibers, offering a balance of softness and durability.

  1. Choose a Color and Pattern

The colour and pattern of your carpet will have a significant impact on the look and feel of your room. Lighter colours can make a room appear larger and brighter, while darker colours can create a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Patterns can add interest and texture to a room, but be sure to choose a pattern that won’t clash with your existing decor.

  1. Maintenance and Durability

High-traffic areas will require a more durable and stain-resistant carpet, while lower-traffic areas may be able to get away with a less-durable carpet. Also, keep in mind that some fibers are easier to clean and maintain than others.

Choosing the perfect carpet for your home requires some careful consideration of several key factors. By determining your budget, fiber type, pile style, colour and pattern, and maintenance and durability needs, you can find the perfect carpet that will meet your family’s needs and fit your lifestyle.

Your Needs and Lifestyle.

Another factor in choosing a carpet is to determine your needs and lifestyle. Do you have kids or pets? Do you prefer a soft or durable carpet? Do you have any allergies or sensitivities to certain materials? Answering these questions will help you narrow down your options and choose a carpet that meets your requirements.

Consider the Room’s Purpose.

Something else to consider is the room’s purpose. A carpet for a high-traffic area like the living room will require a different level of durability than a carpet for a bedroom. Similarly, a carpet for a home office should be comfortable and noise-reducing, while a carpet for a basement should be moisture-resistant.

Choose the Right Material.

Carpet materials vary in terms of texture, durability, and cost. Some popular materials include:

Nylon: Durable and stain-resistant, but can be expensive.
Polyester: Soft and affordable, but prone to crushing. Higher maintainance.
Olefin: Resistant to moisture and stains, but not as durable as other materials.
Wool: Luxurious and long-lasting, but costly and requires more maintenance.

In addition to these traditional carpet materials, you can also consider vinyl and LVT flooring options. These options offer a variety of benefits such as water resistance, durability and come in a range of styles.

Pick the Right Colour and Style.

Once you’ve narrowed down your material options, it’s time to choose the right colour and style. Consider the existing decor and colour scheme of the room, as well as your personal preferences. If you’re unsure, choose a neutral colour or pattern that can blend in with different decor styles.

Hire a Professional Carpet Fitter.

Finally, make sure to hire a professional carpet fitter to install your new carpet. A professional carpet fitter will ensure that your carpet is installed correctly and will last for many years to come. You can find a reliable carpet fitter by searching online for carpet fitters or by asking for recommendations from your local carpet shop.


Learning how to choose the right carpet for your home can be a daunting task, but with the right information, you can make an informed decision. Consider your needs and lifestyle, the room’s purpose, the right material, colour and style, and the importance of hiring a professional carpet fitter. With these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect carpet for your home.

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Carpet Wool or Man made ?

Carpet – Luxury, Style, Elegance  J A Flooring

When you enter a carpet shop to buy a carpet for your home or office, you can expect the carpets to be divided in two broad categories; those made with natural wool and the others being man-made carpets.

Wool Carpets

Wool carpet are woven and made with natural fibers while synthetic or man-made carpet, generally are made of polypropylene or nylon. Quality wool carpets are more durable and can last for as long as 25 years or more while synthetic carpets can be expected to have a life of 3 to 25 years depending on the material and quality used.

Wool carpets are fire resistant and naturally stain resistant and many specific brands incorporate moth resistance in the manufacture process. 80% wool and 20% man- made is generally the most durable and would be advisedWool Carpet for heavy traffic areas at a weight of 40oz or above.


Most carpet, wool or man-made come in various weights, 30oz, 40oz and 60oz, although to see and experience the difference, you’d have to visit your local carpet shop – J A Flooring if you are in Northampton.

Wool carpets generally look and feel much more luxurious than man-made carpets. Carpet with a nylon base can be equally durable and soft but over time with normal wear and tear can flatten and matt together, looking worn out long before the carpet is at the end of it’s life.  A lot of time and effort goes in creating a single piece of wool carpet and as a result can be very expensive but last a lot longer in comparison to an equal weight polypropylene cut.

For a traditionalist, wool carpet is the only way to go. Some homes will most definitely benefit from the natural textures of a wool range and it’s up to you to decide. Wool carpets are an investment, fitted correctly these will last a long time, be easy to keep clean and look good for longer than most man made carpets. Wool carpets (80%/20%) start at £13m2 and up

Man Made Carpets

Synthetic carpets are made using man-made or artificially created fibres in the lab such as polypropylene which is also known as olefin. These synthetic fibres have some difference in texture and colour but it can be difficult to spot the same by an untrained eye. These fibres are then woven using machines and made into finished carpets. AmoMan made carpetngst the various man-made carpets, those made from nylon or its derivatives are the most durable.


There have been some innovations in synthetic fibres recently with the introduction of carpets like the iSense range made from polyamide or nylon. These carpets may come with a guarantee of as long as 20 years and are beautiful, soft and luxurious. In spite of being super soft, the iSense range of carpets retain their feel and appearance much better than those made by polypropylene fibres.
Another innovation in carpets is the Invictus range of carpets. These carpets have a wonderfully rich and elegant texture and feel with an opulent body which is created using the latest generation of olefin dyed yarns. These yarns come in stunning colours and also have good durability and stain resistance.

With the new influx of luxury man made ranges like Invictus, Cormar’s Sensations & Isense, style and luxury take priority. With stunning looks and a soft comfortable feel, man made fibres have found a home.

Many styles, updated colours and that soft luxurious feel mean that your flooring doesn’t have to be boring. With much better dyeing techniques the colour pallets available will suit any home decor as well as compliment your style. Stripes, loops, flecks and twists we have them all on display in our showroom at J A Flooring. Man made carpets start at around £6m2 and up.



Wood, Stone or Marble – LVT has it covered!

LVT, luxury vinyl tiles. Your flooring just got better.

Are you looking to upgrade you kitchen vinyl, looking for something hard-wearing and special in your hallway. LVT, Luxury LVT, Luxury vinyl tilesVinyl Tiles are a much more durable and practical solution to suit every style.

Everyone wants the best floor finishes for their house. Luxury vinyl tiles will make an authentic finish that resembles wood, stone or marble. Has to be seen to be appreciated !

Our luxury vinyl tiles are ideal for almost every room in your house.They are however best for the kitchen, bathroom and the corridor. Their easy-to-clean and smart features make them the most ideal floor finish for your house. Besides, they are durable and come in different types according to your tastes and preferences. Choose luxury vinyl tiles today and transform your house into an elegant home.
These tiles are easy to install. They are durable and easy to clean. Take a look at the few explained below

Types of LVT, luxury vinyl tiles

  • Amtico
  • Camaro
  • Karndean

Amtico Luxury Vinyl Tiles

These tiles will allow you to have the floor you have always dreamt about. It gives an unrivalled range of choices and offers you an effortless way of introducing different colors and patterns to your home.
Amtico signature tiles give you a premium collection of well-designed patterns that turn your space into a spectacular solution. Amtico spacia is a hard-wearing collection of floors whose result is an exceptional and appealing floor.
It always stands the test of time. Amtico click collection do not require adhesive since they click into position with ease.

Camaro luxury vinyl tiles

This collection of tiles replicates the natural glamour of wood. They are best for your residential homes. Camaro Loc PU is a collection of vinyl floor tiles that interlock excellently to give a wood or stone finish. You can order for a design or pattern that best suits your preferences.

Karndean luxury vinyl tiles

You can use these quality floor finishes to enhance the look of any room in your home. Its plank and tile collection results to a wooden effect. They do not crack and always feel warm under your feet.
Why choose the luxury vinyl tiles compared to Wood, Laminate or ceramic tiles.

Bespoke flooring, made to last

You can never go wrong with luxury vinyl tiles. These tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, once you have them installed in your home, you will require little or no maintenance for a significantly long time. They are stain and water resistant.


They are durable, slip-resistant and meet safety codes. Besides, these tiles have a top wear coat that seeks to increase durability. LVT, luxury vinyl tiles can handle high-traffic areas.

Although well suited to domestic settings, all of our ranges of LVT are suitable for commercial projects and are used nationwide in many shop settings, public walk ways and business situations.

You will be spoilt for choice since they come in different styles, designs, shapes and sizes to fit everyone’s preference.
Therefore, when thinking of floor finishes, think luxury vinyl tiles as they are way better than Wood, Laminate or ceramic tiles.

Visit our showroom today J A Flooring for more information on Kardean, Amtico LVT fitters.

Carpet Retail – Made In England

Supplying Quality Carpets

Having a great business starts with supplying quality, so one of the first ranges we had to get in our new showroom was Cormar. We’ve been buying carpets of all colours, designs, Man-made, wool and wool blends, from Cormar for the last ten years and couldn’t be happier with the quality and range.

At J A Flooring (your local carpet shop) we want to know that our customers are getting the service and products they deserve. Having a supplier that makes products in England, with a depot in Northampton gives us confidence and peace of mind that we can in turn pass on to our customers. To us this means: Short lead times. Excellent quality control. Prompt service. Quick solutions to any problems that can arise.  Confidence and peace of mind for our customers !

Cormar offer a great combination of quality, choice and value for money besides being made in the UK.



Supplying quality British carpet
British carpet suppliers

60 years of supplying quality carpet

The Company, one of the success stories of the British carpet industry. Established in the North of England in 1956 and today ranks as one of the leading British carpet manufacturers in the UK.

Throughout the last 60 years it has placed great emphasis on quality, service and reliability and continues to invest in order to maintain and improve standards. In fact, it has won over thirty carpet and flooring industry awards, including being voted Best Carpet Manufacturer 2013 by readers of Interiors Monthly.

Made in England

While most carpet sold in Britain today is imported from the continent, Cormar continues to manufacture carpet at its two mills in Lancashire. Working with other suppliers and partners to source quality raw materials and leading trade organisation.

Privately owned family business

Remaining as one of the few privately owned family carpet companies. Cormar’s primary aim is to manufacture quality carpets and provide a first class service to all its customers. Success is based on continuous improvement in machinery and systems as well as training and investment in its loyal staff.

We are part of the local economy

Most of our carpets at J A Flooring (Carpet shop in Northampton) are Made in the UK, using British material. We think it’s extremely important to promote and support British manufacturers besides all other benefits.

(Short lead times. Excellent quality control. Prompt service. Quick solutions to any problems that can arise.  Confidence and peace of mind for our customers !)


Cheap carpets – Northampton Carpet Shop

Cheap carpets

Or value for money ?

Cheap carpets
Need a new carpet ?

Well, carpet (and most flooring) once fitted is likely to cover your floor for years to come, or that’s the plan, even cheap carpets. You get what you pay for springs to mind here, but is that the case?
The main thing to distinguish between here is “cheap” and “Value for money” because if your only intention is to spend the least amount of money, then you could come unstuck and end up buying cheap and buying twice. If you have a timescale in mind for how long this carpet needs to last, then what you should be looking at is the minimum spend to achieve that goal.

Carpet prices range from £1.99m2 to 100’s of pounds, so what is the baseline for quality, value for money and longevity as well as asking questions such as, will a £1.99m2 fit my needs, ie. Will the comfort levels be high enough to please whoever is to live with it and use it on a daily basis. Does it have the correct colour pallet in that range to suit my own style. How will it deal with wear and tear throughout the timescale the floor covering is required. What are the consequences of it failing to suit the environment required, am I going to have to replace it sooner than expected?

The answers to all of these questions will all be based on your knowledge of the use of the room and the timescale it is required to be fitted, usability and it’s looks throughout the life of the carpet.

Cons of cheap carpets

What problems could I expect from a lesser quality carpet. Flattened pile, worn pile, dirty or even loss of fibre. The thickness of the overall textile, whereby the gripper rods spikes are showing through or uneven sub-floors affecting the life.

Cheap carpet often comes from cutting corners, in manufacturing and in choice of materials that make up the material. Manufacturing defects are a big sign of quality, producing mass quantities of anything can cause quality control issues and carpet is not immune from this. Line faults, rows missing or high and of course, lower. Having a cheaper production line with fewer staff and more demands on machinery can mean more defects get through.

Less haste and more care, definitely requires more man power and obviously bumps the cost up. Imagine clearing your room out, or even your whole house, only to find the carpet once rolled out is defective, imagine the hassle. You could be on a deadline, moving all of your furniture in the following day and find a row of tufts missing, now you have a dilemma. Do you cut the carpet (if you haven’t already) and void your argument for a return ?

Pros of cheap carpets

If you just need to cover the floor for the next six months, because you are renting a room before moving into your house, you may be looking for something cheap, just so you have a clean place to live and you know it doesn’t have to endure heavy traffic or wear and tear for long. This is the best scenario for buying cheap carpet. Covers the floor, adds some warmth and allows you to live, happy in the knowledge that it is clean.
You may be putting on an event over a week, a weekend or a month and you want to add some style, colour or comfort to the situation. Another great opportunity to save some money and grab a bargain.


Brings us back to, you get what you pay for. If you need to re-carpet any part of your home, the general rule of thumb is to spend as much as your budget allows and no more. Most people at every budget scale would want, the cheapest carpet, that suits their style and will last as long as possible. It’s better to have to change your flooring because you want to not because you have to!


Get sizes of the room, or rooms to be covered. Get a few quotations based on your own estimated sizes, for a range of carpets. Use this information as well as your own financials to build a budget, then concentrate on looking for the best carpet in that price range.

At J A Flooring  we think you should be looking for is the best value for your money, not just cheap carpets or low quality material/manufacturers which is exactly what our carpet shop offers, genuine low prices! We offer full and frank advise about purchasing good value for money carpet and flooring. We have a full range, to suit all budgets and are more than happy to walk you through the learning process required to make the best choices. Rollstock and remnants is a good place to start!

Hope this helps

Carpet fitter Northampton

Carpet fitters in Northampton

Choosing a good carpet fitter isn’t easy check our flooring contractor reviews here. Collected through FreeIndex a nationwide trade index site.

Our carpet fitting standards are high and we’ve built a business based on customer reviews and recommendations.

Although we can supply pretty much any flooring you may require, there are always fantastic deals that cannot be beaten, especially online. So you may just need a carpet fitter to provide this service and we are happy to help you out.

We take exactly the same approach to fit only work. If needed, we’ll give you the best advice, a comparison price and help to measure, as well as an opinion on quality and specifications. This ensures that you can have a bit of added confidence in your bargain.

Saving more money

We’ve worked with many of the bigger flooring shops in Northampton over the years as flooring contractors. We know that we can help you to save even more money, by supplying cheaper accessories than Carpetright, Carpets4less, SCS and many others. Talk to us about underlay, gripper and door bars!

This means that even if you take advantage of a special offer on carpets, we can still save you even more by supplying underlay, gripper, door bars and even adhesives.

It’s definitely worth taking the time to research everything required and we are here to help.

We do not charge for delivery, if we are going to collect and fit your carpet from a shop in Northampton, it’s included in the fitting price.

If you know the exact size of the carpet ordered and the room size, we can quote for fitting over the phone or by text.

We’d be happy to give you a price on underlay and gripperrods and door bars that we normally use. We are normally much cheaper than most shops for accessories. The underlay we use is either 10mm thick or 8mm and although unbranded, it’s high quality. Also if you have a brand of underlay you prefer, like “Ball & Youngs Cloud 9” just ask, we can source most brands.

J A Flooring’s  have many great reviews across the web regarding fitting work and we look forward to working with you.

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  • Carpet
  • Vinyl
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