Cheap carpets

Or value for money ?

Cheap carpets
Need a new carpet ?

Well, carpet (and most flooring) once fitted is likely to cover your floor for years to come, or that’s the plan, even cheap carpets. You get what you pay for springs to mind here, but is that the case?
The main thing to distinguish between here is “cheap” and “Value for money” because if your only intention is to spend the least amount of money, then you could come unstuck and end up buying cheap and buying twice. If you have a timescale in mind for how long this carpet needs to last, then what you should be looking at is the minimum spend to achieve that goal.

Carpet prices range from £1.99m2 to 100’s of pounds, so what is the baseline for quality, value for money and longevity as well as asking questions such as, will a £1.99m2 fit my needs, ie. Will the comfort levels be high enough to please whoever is to live with it and use it on a daily basis. Does it have the correct colour pallet in that range to suit my own style. How will it deal with wear and tear throughout the timescale the floor covering is required. What are the consequences of it failing to suit the environment required, am I going to have to replace it sooner than expected?

The answers to all of these questions will all be based on your knowledge of the use of the room and the timescale it is required to be fitted, usability and it’s looks throughout the life of the carpet.

Cons of cheap carpets

What problems could I expect from a lesser quality carpet. Flattened pile, worn pile, dirty or even loss of fibre. The thickness of the overall textile, whereby the gripper rods spikes are showing through or uneven sub-floors affecting the life.

Cheap carpet often comes from cutting corners, in manufacturing and in choice of materials that make up the material. Manufacturing defects are a big sign of quality, producing mass quantities of anything can cause quality control issues and carpet is not immune from this. Line faults, rows missing or high and of course, lower. Having a cheaper production line with fewer staff and more demands on machinery can mean more defects get through.

Less haste and more care, definitely requires more man power and obviously bumps the cost up. Imagine clearing your room out, or even your whole house, only to find the carpet once rolled out is defective, imagine the hassle. You could be on a deadline, moving all of your furniture in the following day and find a row of tufts missing, now you have a dilemma. Do you cut the carpet (if you haven’t already) and void your argument for a return ?

Pros of cheap carpets

If you just need to cover the floor for the next six months, because you are renting a room before moving into your house, you may be looking for something cheap, just so you have a clean place to live and you know it doesn’t have to endure heavy traffic or wear and tear for long. This is the best scenario for buying cheap carpet. Covers the floor, adds some warmth and allows you to live, happy in the knowledge that it is clean.
You may be putting on an event over a week, a weekend or a month and you want to add some style, colour or comfort to the situation. Another great opportunity to save some money and grab a bargain.


Brings us back to, you get what you pay for. If you need to re-carpet any part of your home, the general rule of thumb is to spend as much as your budget allows and no more. Most people at every budget scale would want, the cheapest carpet, that suits their style and will last as long as possible. It’s better to have to change your flooring because you want to not because you have to!


Get sizes of the room, or rooms to be covered. Get a few quotations based on your own estimated sizes, for a range of carpets. Use this information as well as your own financials to build a budget, then concentrate on looking for the best carpet in that price range.

At J A Flooring  we think you should be looking for is the best value for your money, not just cheap carpets or low quality material/manufacturers which is exactly what our carpet shop offers, genuine low prices! We offer full and frank advise about purchasing good value for money carpet and flooring. We have a full range, to suit all budgets and are more than happy to walk you through the learning process required to make the best choices. Rollstock and remnants is a good place to start!

Hope this helps

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